Release almost there!


We have to say , after a month of dedicated hard work, isolated from all social life, a few pounds heavier due the amount of cookies and candy that we ate, we are reaching towards our release date!

Lots of positive feedback has been received and some great reviews have been posted on youtube from our beta-testers, this is much appreciated and tells us that Candy Kingdom is a fun game that everyone can enjoy.

Who will be the new king and who will unlock all the achievements?

We can’t wait to release our game!

The 21st of september you can all enjoy Candy Kingdom!

Link to steam : Candy Kingdom

Twitter : Twitter




Reaching the release date

Yeah! The release date is coming closer!

Our beta week(end) is reaching its end. We received a lot of feedback from our beta-testers and pushed out daily updates of Candy Kingdom. Today one of our latest updates has been pushed out and might be a release candidate. Lots of smaller cookie-bugs have been eaten along the way and while eating some delicious candies, we added some new things into the game. Easier levels will have non threatening cookies, medium levels will have a few cookies and the hard levels still remain,well, delicious!

We also released our sweet epic trailer today : Candy Kingdom


Keep you all posted!


Beta testers needed for Candy Kingdom


We need some beta testers with a HTC vive headset to try out our new game.

If you want to take part into the beta and experience Candy Kingdom as one of the first, please drop us an email . We will provide you a beta steam key .

We only require some feedback from you, what you like , dislike, bugs,…

Once we released the game, beta testers will be notified by email by a full retail steam key as a token of our appreciation

Candy Kingdom : The story


Once upon a time in a magical Candy kingdom, there was a king named King Candy and he had so many candies that his whole kingdom was enjoying them every day! 
On a glorious day, his army of candy cookies opened the door for a cute little fairy, who was lost and desperate to find a new place that she could call home. 
After hearing all the stories that the fairy was sharing with him, he felt that he needed to help her out. Without further thinking he offered the fairy to stay in his kingdom as long as she wanted and enjoy his candies.
At this point, he didn’t knew that the cute little fairy was actually a witch in disguise, wanting to take all his candy and his kingdom. 
The king was so interested in the fairy, that he invited her daily to his castle, to hear all the stories, which the fairy could tell him. 
He didn’t know that spending time with the fairy caused him to fall into the grip of the witch, who was secretly putting a spell on him. 
Days and days passed and step by step the king lost his interest in the candies and his kingdom. He couldn’t and wouldn’t care any more. 
Once the kings mind was completely in control of the fairy, the witch could finally show her true form. He wouldn’t see or wouldn’t care…
Under the control of the witch, he did everything for her.
King Candy commanded his army of cookies to destroy anyone who would enter his kingdom from then on.
She even commanded him to switch all the nice candy with enchanted candies, so people who would eat them would be instantly under the control of the witch…
His kingdom is lost. The Candy kingdom needs a new king…Will you be the new king of Candy Kingdom and destroy the enchanted candies and defeat the army of cookies? 

Come to Candy Kingdom, we have cookies!


While working on KIDS VR Playground we decided to take lollypop land to a new level.

We had a lot of great feedback that we just couldn’t ignore the fact that there was a major interest in lollypop land.

On which we decided to create a stand alone version with a lot of new features, a better level design, improved performance and many more.

For the obvious reasons we had to pick a new name. We needed something catchy that would match the game, we have have chosen a new title : Candy Kingdom

key Features :

  • Fun for all ages
  • Rotating targets
  • 6 Brand new levels with Easy / Med / Hard  (total of 18 tracks)
  • Bonus levels after each 100% completed track
  • Hard mode has cookies! ( Really, we have cookies!) They look fun and cute, but we recommend you to dodge (a lot!)
  • Scoreboard
  • Level select

Yes, Candy Kingdom is a brand new game and a fun experience for everybody that enjoys VR games and can be played by any one and any age!

At the moment, this version is only supported for the HTC Vive headset. We will support other headsets with controllers with future updates when they become more mainstream or are available ( Oculus Rift, OSVR, …)

Currently in closed beta ( if you want to test, please mail us), release will be mid september


Some screens here :


edit : name changed to Candy Kingdom !

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