Want to support our unique VR Game?

Hi there!

As you might already noticed, we are currently working hard on our Kids VR Playground project and we aim to move to beta phase soon.

Creating an unique experience takes a lot of dedication, time and funds, specificly for 2 starting indie dev’s.

We are looking into the option to use facial animation software to express facial emotions on our animated models in the game. By doing this, we are convinced we could deliver a whole new experience.

Also are we looking for specificly created models and music to guide the player through our experience.

It has to be said, for starting indie dev’s , its not always easy to get the tools and software you really need or spend a huge amount of funds to make this happen.

We are hoping to find some additional support and maybe funds to help us create an unique experience for our younger ones.

If you are interested in supporting us or would like to have more indepth view about Kids VR Playground, feel free to contact us! 


Kids VR Playground Alpha teaser

This is currently in development so lots of things will be added!

Crovax Studios & GamePlayStudioVR have bundled there knowledge and skills to provide you Kids VR Playground.

Kids VR Playground is the first immersive and interactive playground specially designed for kids and grown ups to enjoy in a wonderful VR and safe environment.

Would you like to play around with objects in the room and make mess?
Check! Every object in the room can be picked up, thrown away and even copied

Built your own castle with the various amounts block…
Check! Take the box with blocks and build everything you want, spawn more blocks, set your imagination free!

What about a train ride through lolly-pop land and shoot at the candy tree’s ?
Check! A colorful lollypop land awaits you, jump on the train and shoot as many candies that you see! Our score tracker will make it fun to play against friends or parents. Or just enjoy the ride!

Or take a bus ride into the city with the jolly music ‘The wheels of the bus…
Check! A jolly ride through a cartoon city with the memorable music tunes, a must do for our little ones.

Perhaps you want to take the plane and fly in the room? 
Check! You see the plane and you wonder… Before you know it your inside the plane, flying through your room

Everything is possible in your imagination! And everything in Kids VR Playground is made for our wonderful young ones to give them the best experience EVER!

There is just so much to discover where we can promise you that this will be a unique first step into VR for kids!

Some of our key features :
– A colorful environment
– Full VR immersion
– Animations create with neuron perception
– Endless fun
– Competitive lollypop land
– much more to come soon!

Our Story
Virtual Reality is becoming more and more mainstream for users and will be for sure available in the near future in every house. At the moment, we only see nice shooting experiences, adventures, etc to show the possibilities of VR. That is just awesome, however there is nothing specifically designed children.

We decided to create something new, or at least try to give a good experience in VR, for our small “want to be” gamers, developers, enthusiasts etc.

They will be our future at some point, so why not already take them into a VR experience so that they can have their first steps in there? They want to learn, want to discover, want to build…they just want to have fun. Even the parents want to have some fun from time to time 😉

That’s why Crovax Studios and GamePlayStudioVR decided to create the first kids VR environment. To be honest, we think that a lot of grown ups will find some fun in our experience too 😉

We aim to release Kids VR Playground mid september 2016

Find our alpha teaser movie here :